V-Ray 5 for 3ds Max Essential Training

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About this Course

Get up and running with the V-Ray 5 rendering engine inside 3ds Max.

In this course, expert shows how to extend the range of 3ds Max using the many state-of-the-art tools and features found in this, the fifth version of the powerful rendering solution.

Expert kicks off the course by covering several new tools included in V-Ray 5, including the Lighting Analysis tool and the Viewport IPR, then dives into critical V-Ray concepts, including materials, image sampling, maps, and lighting, as well as how to create in-camera effects such as depth of field and motion blur, also shows how to easily add lifelike effects to your 3D models using FX tools such as VRayFur.




Rendering with V-Ray 5

Software versions and exercise files

Working with 3ds Max projects

Fixing asset linking problems

Gamma and unit settings


1. New and Updated: V-Ray 5 Highlights
New Frame Buffer overview

Light mixing: Part 1

Light mixing: Part 2

Color correction and layered compositing

Using the History tool

Interactive lens effects

Asset Browser and Material Library

Material presets and previews

Coat and sheen layers

UVWRandomizer map

Light Path Expressions workflow

ACES primer

Native ACEScg support


2. V-Ray in 3ds Max Primer
V-Ray workflow options

V-Ray in the 3ds Max UI

The V-Ray Toolbar

Outputting images


3. Lighting Scenes with V-Ray
Overview of V-Ray lighting tools

Understanding GI in V-Ray

GI engine: Brute Force

GI engine: IM and LC

Working with Plane and Disc lights

The V-Ray Sun and Sky

IES light


Mesh light

The V-Ray Light material

The GI environment control


4. Working with V-Ray Materials
Introduction to materials in V-Ray

The V-Ray material

Metal and rough workflow in V-Ray

The alSurface material

Car Paint version 2

The Hair material

The Override material

The VRmat material

The SSS2 material: Part 1

The SSS2 material: Part 2

MDL materials


5. Utilizing V-Ray Map Types

The V-Ray Bitmap (formerly V-Ray HDRI)

V-Ray Dirt

V-Ray Triplanar texture

V-Ray Multi Sub texture

V-Ray normal map

Edges texture

Color map



6. V-Ray Quality-Control Tools
Image sampling

Using the progressive sampling engine

Working with bucket sampling

The sampling rate element

Using the Denoiser

Fixing super bright sampling problems

Resumable rendering

V-Ray IPR modes: Part 1

V-Ray IPR modes: Part 2


7. V-Ray Physical Camera Model
Physical Camera setup

Physical Camera controls

Point and shoot controls

Creating a motion blur effect

Depth of field

Controlling exposure

Using exposure values in V-Ray

Perspective correction

Rendering panoramas


8. Useful Extras
V-Ray Fur


Lighting analysis

Drag and drop assets



Aerial Perspective effect

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