3ds Max: Digital Humans for Architectural Visualizations

27 Video Lessons

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About this Course

By themselves, architectural visualization projects can seem stale. Adding people to the renderings adds personality and a sense of realism to the images.

In this course, expert shows viewers how to work with 2D and 3D assets to add humans to an architectural scene. Expert steps you through the process of creating and rigging a character in 3ds Max and points you to some online sources where you can choose models for your project, and shows you how to manipulate your model’s structure and texture to change looks.

Expert goes into creating a CAT skeleton for your character and then skinning the character with a 3D mesh. Your character doesn’t have to remain stationary. Expert walks through how to animate characters using CATMotion or Biped, a tool within 3ds Max.




Introduction to digital humans
Using the exercise files

1. Getting Started
The character process
2m 15s
3ds Max rigging overview
2m 39s
Resources for 3D models
3m 38s
Manipulating and texturing 3D models
4m 13s

2. Creating Skeletons in CAT
Creating skeletons in CAT
3m 48s
Fitting a CAT skeleton to a mesh
4m 35s
Fine-tuning the skeleton
3m 51s

3. Skinning Characters
Skinning the mesh
4m 29s
Adjusting envelopes
5m 12s
Adjusting vertices
5m 34s
Finalizing skinning
4m 55s

4. Animating Characters in CAT
Understanding CATMotion
2m 37s
Creating a procedural walk
3m 47s
Adjusting a walk
5m 22s
Moving through the scene
4m 29s
Walking along a path and footsteps
1m 34s
Creating poses
4m 4s
Animating between poses
4m 41s
Saving and loading clips
2m 29s

5. Working with Biped
Biped overview
3m 6s
Biped figure mode
4m 50s
Skinning bipeds
2m 8s
Animating walks in Biped
4m 7s
Keyframe animation in Biped
2m 30s
Motion capture in Biped
1m 55s

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