3ds Max to Unreal Engine Workflow and Troubleshooting

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About this Course

If you have 3D designs that you want to take from 3ds Max and make interactive, you’ve probably already explored using Unreal Engine.

In this course, expert shows you some potential workflows for transferring assets from 3ds Max into Unreal in as clean and easy a manner as possible, including some of the potential problems and pitfalls that you can run into along the way. Expert first covers the steps you should take in 3ds Max to get your scenes ready for export in a quick and straightforward manner. Then, expert gets into how to fix some of the common problems that might arise at different points along the production process.

After this course, you’ll be better equipped to transfer your assets smoothly and spend less time moving your files around and more time working in Unreal.




3ds Max to Unreal workflows
Software versions
2m 4s
Max project and exercise files setup
1m 46s
Fixing asset linking problems
1m 15s

1. Clean Exports
Unreal setup: Project creation
3m 23s
3ds Max setup: Units
3m 41s
3ds Max setup: Naming conventions
4m 10s
3ds Max setup: Combining objects
4m 20s
Clean export from Max using FBX
6m 13s
Clean import into Unreal with FBX
4m 59s
Clean export from Max using Datasmith
2m 3s
Clean import with Datasmith
3m 44s
Export from Max using a VR scene
4m 39s
Re-importing modified assets
2m 45s

2. Mesh Problems
Lights and cameras: FBX
5m 21s
Lights and cameras: Datasmith and VR scene
3m 54s
Beware the exposure trap
2m 55s
Smoothing groups
5m 46s
FBX materials sidenote
3m 41s
Overly dense meshes
4m 39s
Collision mesh issues
5m 24s
Fixing vertex problems on the geometry
4m 15s
Fixing more vertex problems
2m 44s
Fixing face problems
3m 48s
Fixing edge problems on the geometry
4m 11s
Working with LODs: FBX
4m 56s
Working with LODs: Datasmith
2m 56s

3. Map and Material Problems
UV issues you can run into
6m 11s
De-generated triangles
6m 45s
Overlapping UVs
3m 40s
Missing lightmap UVs
3m 55s
Handling multiple material IDs
4m 2s

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