Blender and Substance Painter:

Architectural Visualization

108 Video Lessons

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About this Course

Interested in creating realistic environments for animation, architectural visualization, or games? This course can help you get started.

Expert steps through how to create a scene with Blender and Substance Painter, and shows how to model rooms, explaining how to create the walls, doors, and windows of a coworking space.

Expert goes over how to create furniture and appliances using key modeling tools and modifiers in Blender, as well as how to UV map the office desks, stools, chairs, and other 3D objects in the scene, then discusses how to bring your files into Substance Painter and apply realistic textures to your models.

To wrap up, expert demonstrates how to add lights and render your scene using both the Eevee and Cycles render engines in Blender.





A Blender and Substance Painter pipeline
1m 18s
Course goals
1m 56s
Importing a reference image
9m 7s
Setting the proper scale
8m 53s

1. Modeling the Rooms
Beginning the walls
9m 15s
Creating the interior walls
10m 16s
Tricks for aligning the walls
13m 9s
Continuing with the walls
10m 30s
Using the Boolean modifier
11m 48s
Creating the openings for the doors
9m 45s
Finishing the window openings
12m 4s
Beginning the window frames
10m 9s
Finishing the window frames
10m 5s
Starting the office frames
11m 13s
Finishing the office frames
7m 43s
Creating the door frame
7m 41s
Inserting the door frames
8m 42s
Beginning the doors
8m 53s
Creating the door handle
10m 13s
Creating the door lock
10m 17s
Placing doors and organizing the scene
10m 56s
Creating the closet doors
10m 25s
Finishing the closet doors
9m 30s
Beginning the kitchen island
Modeling the cabinet handles
10m 47s
Beginning the kitchen counter
9m 15s
Adding the kitchen cabinets and drawers
10m 3s
Creating the kitchen handles
7m 5s
Fixing smoothing errors
5m 17s
Organizing the scene
4m 34s

2. Creating the Furniture
Modeling the end tables
11m 47s
Modeling the sofa
12m 12s
Beginning the stools
7m 53s
Continuing the stools
7m 15s
Finishing the stools
8m 22s
Modeling the first chair
11m 33s
Continuing the chair
9m 20s
More work on the chair
10m 13s
Finishing the chair
8m 32s
Beginning the table
10m 28s
Finishing the table and rug
11m 49s
Beginning the second chair
9m 22s
Continuing the second chair
10m 20s
Modeling the chair arms
10m 44s
Creating the legs of the chair
6m 51s
Working on the wheels of the chair
9m 21s
Finishing the second chair
13m 56s
Batch renaming multiple objects
9m 37s
Beginning the third chair
9m 51s
Creating the arm rests and back
9m 1s
Modeling the back frame and legs
8m 35s
Adjusting proportions of the chair
7m 48s
Finishing the third chair
7m 14s
Populating the offices
10m 19s
Beginning the refrigerator
9m 39s
Finishing the refrigerator
9m 31s
Extruding along a path
11m 51s
Finishing the faucet
9m 51s
Beginning the coffee machine
9m 47s
Finishing the coffee machine
13m 34s
Creating the drop ceilings
10m 26s
Modeling the kitchen hanging lights
8m 37s
Creating the large hanging lights
11m 12s
Modeling the air vents
10m 31s
Placing the canister lights
13m 6s
Modeling the conference room glass
11m 40s
Adding the glass for the offices
8m 31s

3. UV Mapping the Scene
UV mapping the office desks
11m 32s
UV mapping the stools
12m 34s
UV mapping the conference room chairs
10m 19s
Creating the UVs for the end tables
9m 14s
Working on the chair and sofa
10m 30s
Chair, lights, and drop ceiling
9m 42s
Kitchen lights and canister lights
9m 29s
UV mapping the kitchen
8m 59s
Finishing the UV mapping
7m 6s

4. Texturing with Substance Painter
Exporting to Substance Painter
7m 40s
Importing in Substance Painter
9m 39s
Exporting textures out of Substance Painter
7m 31s
Finishing the end table and beginning the chair
8m 49s
Texturing the chair
7m 50s
Preparing the coffee machine for export
9m 9s
Texturing the coffee machine
11m 34s
Adding an image texture in substance painter
9m 9s
Creating the vertex colors for hanging lights
9m 26s
Creating and applying an emissive texture
9m 40s
The direction of normals
8m 41s
Using an opacity channel in Substance Painter
8m 49s
Using an alpha channel in Blender
6m 50s
Adjusting mask tolerances in Substance Painter
8m 46s
Sampling colors in Substance Painter
10m 36s
Exporting multiple objects as a single FBX
9m 19s
Texturing the kitchen counter and appliances
9m 38s
Exporting textures for multiple objects
11m 46s
Applying textures to the kitchen objects
6m 41s
Selection tricks when applying vertex colors
8m 12s
Copy and paste layers in Substance Painter
8m 26s
Using the Node Wrangler add-on in Blender
4m 51s
Preparing the floors for texturing
7m 58s
Texturing the floors
6m 7s

5. Lighting and Rendering the Scene
Adding lights to the scene
11m 2s
Adding a glass material
7m 42s
Rendering with cycles
6m 32s
Using the Denoise node
5m 58s
Rendering with Eevee
8m 38s

6. Bonus Lectures
Bonus lecture: Reflection Cubemaps in Eevee
Bonus lecture: Auto UV Unwrap in Substance Painter
6m 12s

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