Maya: Advanced Materials

32 Video Lessons

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About this Course

Maya is an industry leader in 3D materials and shaders. The software's nearly limitless tools for materials and shading enable artists to visualize almost anything.

In this course, expert helps you take material look development to the next level. Accelerate your workflow with tips and tricks on the Hypershade graph and browser in Maya. Learn how to design a wide range of convincing materials with the new Standard Surface shader.

Plus, discover how to apply textures to key shading attributes, render transparency and translucency, and add surface detail with bump, normal, and displacement maps.




Introducing Maya: Advanced materials
Using the exercise files
4m 5s

1. Hypershade Tips and Tricks
Options for node creation
4m 42s
Optimizing performance
6m 16s
Setting renderer attributes
3m 56s
Previewing with interactive production rendering
4m 21s
Graphing networks
4m 4s
Binding hotkeys
6m 31s
Displaying attributes and node names
4m 18s
Filtering nodes and searching attributes
2m 55s
Working with node presets
4m 58s
Organizing materials with bins
2m 55s

2. Standard Surface Physical Materials
Rendering the standard surface material
7m 36s
Balancing reflections with Specular Roughness
3m 2s
Using IOR to control reflectivity
4m 5s
Adjusting metalness
2m 56s
Stretching highlights with Anisotropy
3m 47s
Mapping floating-point attributes such as base weight
4m 58s
Adding another specular layer with coat
2m 42s

3. Ray Tracing and Geometry
Translucency with subsurface scattering
6m 34s
Light emission from a surface
4m 45s
Controlling transparency with Transmission
4m 16s
Tinting transparency with Transmission Depth
3m 41s
Translucency with Transmission Scatter
3m 45s
Assigning materials to polygon faces
5m 3s
Rendering thin-walled geometry
1m 47s
Cutout mapping with opacity
2m 21s

4. Surface Relief
Bump mapping
2m 52s
Normal mapping
3m 2s
Prepping level-of-detail models
2m 56s
Simulating detail with Transfer Maps
4m 58s
Deforming a surface with displacement
5m 1s

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