Maya: Camera Techniques

55 Video Lessons

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About this Course

Maya's camera tools are among the best available in any 3D package. In this course, expert shares expert techniques in Maya camera layout and animation.

Expert starts with the basics of creating and manipulating cameras, then goes over aesthetic concerns of visual composition, and explains the major forms and conventions of cinematic camera framing and movement. Expert covers all types of camera animation, using keyframes, motion trails, scripted expressions, and constraints, and includes a chapter on special effects that delves into extended techniques like isometric views, texture projection, and lens effects. Expert concludes with an exploration of the Maya Camera Sequencer, a nonlinear editing system for pre-visualization of cinematic scenes with multiple cameras.




Camera techniques in Maya
1m 22s
Using the exercise files
4m 4s

1. Camera Basics
Understanding the Maya camera
3m 56s
Creating a one-node camera
2m 38s
Color settings preferences
5m 43s
Controlling wireframe colors with Drawing Overrides
5m 8s
Working with orthographic cameras
3m 45s
Adding orthographic cameras
3m 57s
Reverting camera movements with Undo View Change
2m 57s
Using view bookmarks
3m 41s
Navigating with specialized camera tools
6m 34s
Cropping geometry with clip planes
4m 53s
Copying parameters with Attribute Editor presets
2m 42s

2. Composition
Conceptualizing renderable cameras
2m 12s
Creating a Camera and Aim
4m 4s
Using Camera and Aim
Precise framing with Resolution Gate
4m 49s
Setting display options
3m 9s
Duplicating Camera and Aim
3m 14s
Composing conventional cinematic framings
4m 54s
Adjusting focal length and angle of view
6m 30s
Aesthetics of distance and field of view
3m 44s
Locking down cameras
3m 59s

3. Simple Camera Animation
Problems with animating Camera and Aim position
5m 8s
Problems with animating camera rotation
3m 1s
Rotating in Gimbal Mode
4m 2s
Setting rotate axis order
6m 59s
Horizontal movement with pan or truck
3m 13s
Animating diagonal translation with a single channel
7m 17s
Vertical movement with tilt or pedestal
2m 31s
Dolly movement vs. zoom magnification
5m 46s

4. Compound Camera Animation
Animating a truck-pan
5m 36s
Animating a pedestal-tilt
4m 42s
Animating a zolly (zoom-dolly)
3m 29s
Rigging and animating a crane shot
5m 45s
Animating an aerial shot with Transform Keyframes
7m 17s
Adjusting position keys with Editable Motion Trail
7m 12s
Automating camera shake with a noise expression
8m 27s
Orbiting a subject with a turntable camera
7m 57s

5. Special Effects
Creating an image plane
8m 41s
Understanding the film back
8m 33s
Using aperture and film gate
7m 50s
Film offset for two-point perspective
2m 42s
Composing an isometric view
7m 58s
Projecting a texture from a camera
8m 41s
Distance blur with depth of field
3m 47s
Animating a rack focus effect
2m 36s
Rendering depth of field in Arnold
7m 57s
Rendering lens effects with Arnold imagers
8m 3s

6. Non-Linear Editing With the Camera Sequencer
Understanding the Camera Sequencer
2m 45s
Creating shots in the Camera Sequencer
4m 12s
Trimming shots
3m 31s
Ripple editing
5m 23s
Creating an ubercam
3m 31s
Playblasting a sequence
8m 57s

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