Maya: Character Rigging

45 Video Lessons

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About this Course

Rigging is a crucial step in character development and animation. A rig is the interface for your character, dictating how the character moves. Learn how to rig a character from scratch in Maya by following along with expert.

Expert introduces the rules of rigging good geometry, organization, and controls and shows how to create joints, constraints, and connections, then dives into a real-world project, taking a model and building out the skeleton and the leg, foot, body, and hand controls required for effective animation, also devotes a chapter to FK/IK switching for finer control over arm movement.

Finally, learn how to attach a character mesh to your skeleton with the skinning tools in Maya and take your skills up a notch with a time-saving mirroring technique.




Rig a character from scratch in Maya
Make the most of the exercise files

1. Getting Started
Rigs and interface design
1m 51s
Basic rules of rigging
2m 45s
Creating joints
6m 40s
Rotation order and joint flipping
4m 6s
Creating constraints
6m 40s
Connections in the Node Editor
4m 28s
Offset nodes
5m 43s
Offset Parent Matrix
5m 44s

2. Creating Skeletons
Setting up the character
4m 35s
Drawing the leg chains
5m 33s
Drawing the spine
2m 1s
Adding ribs to the skeleton
3m 27s
Positioning arm bones
4m 18s
Creating hand skeletons
3m 56s
Finalizing the skeleton
2m 20s

3. Creating Leg and Foot Controls
Positioning the foot control splines
4m 11s
Setting up IK leg chains
2m 12s
Rigging the heel and toe controls
3m 9s
Controlling the hip
4m 35s
Controlling knee direction
1m 58s
Organizing control rigs
5m 18s

4. Creating Body Controls
Aligning the body controls
4m 13s
Connecting body controls
5m 28s
Setting up the spine controls
3m 55s
Connecting spine controls
4m 50s
Creating shoulder controls
5m 45s

5. Creating FK and IK Controls
Understanding FK and IK rigging
2m 5s
Creating control skeletons
3m 9s
Constraining the control skeletons
3m 42s
Connecting the main skeleton
2m 12s
Creating floating controls
2m 39s
Wiring up the FK and IK switch
4m 42s
Hiding and showing controls
4m 47s

6. Rigging Hands
Setting up offset nodes
4m 59s
Setting up finger FK controls
3m 11s
Creating custom attributes
3m 32s
Getting the fingers to curl
4m 48s
Controlling finger spread
5m 8s

7. Skinning Characters
Preparing the skeleton for skinning
2m 11s
Applying the skin modifier
5m 56s
Adjusting skinning via paint weights
3m 42s
Fine tuning weighting
3m 12s
Mirroring weights

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