ZBrush: ArchViz Cloth Sculpting and Details

31 Video Lessons

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About this Course

Want to add more intricate details to your architectural visualization projects?

In this course, expert shows you how, demonstrating how to use ZBrush the powerful digital sculpting application to sculpt details.

Expert provides a practical overview of the application, helping you quickly incorporate ZBrush into your 3D modeling workflow. Expert covers how to add simple details, such as raised areas on the surface of objects, that make your scenes more realistic, and explains how to sculpt fabric and intricate designs, as well as export your work into third-party software.




Creating detailed models
1m 9s
What you should know
1m 19s
Introduction to methods
Understanding fabric behavior
4m 55s

1. ZBrush Basics
Introduction to ZBrush
4m 1s
ZBrush interface, files, and navigation
4m 17s
Introduction to brushes
6m 16s
ZAdd, ZSub, and Smooth
5m 41s

2. Creating Simple Details
Studying reference
2m 59s
Solving the topology
4m 46s
Sculpting creases
5m 31s
Finishing holes and creases
7m 23s
Adding details
7m 3s
Adding finishing touches to the table
3m 30s

3. Making Complex Elements
Studying reference
1m 9s
Solving the topology
4m 29s
Using symmetry
6m 15s
Refining details
2m 37s

4. Sculpting Fabric
Studying reference
2m 20s
Solving the topology
2m 47s
Creating drapes
Breaking perfection of the piece
5m 37s
Creating an alpha
4m 39s
Add wrinkles and fold marks
6m 35s
Finishing touches to the couch
5m 4s

5. Sculpting Intricate Designs
Studying reference
Creating a nanobrush
4m 42s
Applying a nanobrush
3m 17s
Finishing touches to the pouf
2m 56s

6. Exporting and Converting
Creating UV coordinates
5m 38s
Converting details to maps and exporting
2m 26s

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