Zbrush: Concept Kitbashing

29 Video Lessons

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About this Course

Using the kitbashing technique, you can speed up your ZBrush workflow by quickly producing detailed concepts in 3D.

In this course, expert dives into the topic of kitbashing in 3D, sharing its benefits for rapid prototyping in ZBrush. Expert explores multiple methods for creating organic and hard surface models using custom kits.

Throughout the course, expert shares various techniques for reusing resources to create completely different objects.




1m 20s
Exercise files

1. Intro to Kitbashing
What is kitbashing?
1m 16s
Benefits and practical application
1m 29s
Scratch building for kitbashing
Insert brushes
3m 52s
Advanced IMM brushes
3m 16s
Curve brushes
2m 58s
Decimation Master
2m 51s
Useful brushes
3m 23s
3m 30s

2. Kitbashing Exercise
Setup and rough base mesh
3m 52s
Inserting larger shapes
3m 25s
Finding the right sillhouette
3m 6s
Inserting smaller shapes
2m 2s
Refining the sculpt
3m 34s

3. Building Your Own Organic Kit
Creating your own asset library
Building organic shapes
5m 28s
Optimising shapes
5m 1s
Creating and adjusting insert brushes
3m 47s
Working with your own resources
6m 21s

4. Building Your Own Hard Surface Kit
Building hard surface shapes
6m 47s
Creating other simple shapes
5m 36s
Fine-tuning shapes
1m 49s
Creating and editing insert brush
3m 52s
Adjusting Insert brushes
3m 52s
Working with your own resources
5m 32s
Detailing hard surface with booleans
4m 45s

5. Model Presentation
Render and presentation
5m 53s

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