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About this Course

AutoCAD MEP helps you build the systems mechanical, electrical, and plumbing that connect buildings to the outside world. This course will help you draft, design, and document these systems using MEP's powerful toolset.

Expert touches on project setup, as well as external referencing and display configurations, before diving into individual modeling scenarios. In one chapter, he'll show how to create electrical power plans and lighting plans with receptacles and lighting fixtures. In the next, it's a mechanical plan, with rooftop units, VAV boxes, ducts, and diffusers. Last, you'll work on a plumbing plan and system. Then he ties the drawings together with smart tags and schedules, and creates section and elevation versions of your plans. Dive in now and learn to eliminate tedious drawing tasks while creating more accurate documentation with MEP.




Using the exercise files

1. Referencing Other Trades, and Project Setup
Starting from a template and using the interface
4m 9s
Setting the environment
2m 45s
External referencing
3m 27s
Setting default display configurations
4m 30s
Adding spaces
5m 16s

2. Electrical
Setting up a power plan
3m 9s
Adding receptacles
3m 13s
Adding panels
2m 25s
Creating power circuits
3m 59s
Adding wiring
3m 13s
Adding lighting fixtures
3m 11s
Setting up a lighting plan
1m 55s
Adding lighting switches
1m 47s
1m 33s
Adding cable trays
3m 58s
Adding conduit
3m 7s
Creating electrical schedules
3m 41s

Setting up a ducting plan
2m 9s
Adding a rooftop unit
3m 47s
Adding VAV
2m 35s
Adding air terminals
3m 10s
Routing ducts
7m 25s
Adding dampers
3m 34s
Adding equipment
2m 34s
Adding waterside equipment
3m 48s
Adding chilled-water piping
3m 44s
Adding hot-water piping
3m 1s
Adding valves
2m 37s
Tagging HVAC plans
Creating schedules
2m 13s

4. Plumbing
Setting up a plumbing drawing
2m 25s
Adding plumbing fixtures and floor drains
2m 42s
Creating plumbing lines
6m 4s
Adding gas boilers
Adding strainers and accessories
3m 19s
Tagging plumbing plans
2m 24s
Plumbing fixture schedules
3m 46s

5. Detailing
Adding detail components
3m 52s
Creating isometric riser diagrams
3m 35s
Adding label curves to pipe
5m 2s
Creating 30-degree isometric drafts
4m 15s
Adding oblique text
3m 13s
Creating viewports and sheets
5m 17s

6. Sections and Elevations
Creating a section
3m 15s
Creating a section line
3m 12s
Enabling live sections
2m 59s
Merging linework into a section
2m 21s
Refreshing and updating the sections
3m 29s

7. Display Configuration and Style Manager
Working with display configurations
6m 4s
Configuring representations by object
2m 42s
Configuring electrical objects
3m 8s
Configuring HVAC objects
3m 24s

8. Systems
Creating HVAC systems
3m 52s
Adding piping systems
2m 21s
Demolishing objects
2m 39s

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