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About this Course

AutoCAD Plant 3D design software boasts tools and features that can help you visualize what your plant design will actually look like after construction.

In this course, learn how to get started with Plant 3D. Expert kicks off the course by showing how to set up the Plant 3D workspace, and use the ribbon menu, tool palette, and properties, and demonstrates how to work with Plant 3D files, and then explains how to create basic steel structures using the structural tools, then covers how to work with equipment, route piping in your models, modify and reuse piping, and create orthographic drawings and production isometrics.

To wrap up the course, expert discusses how to generate project reports using the Report Creator program that comes with the software.




What you should know
How to use the exercise files

1. Getting Started
Locating and opening your Plant 3D project
3m 33s
Opening a Plant 3D model
2m 30s
Setting up the Plant 3D workspace
2m 29s
Understanding the Plant 3D ribbon menu
5m 46s
Understanding the Plant 3D tool palette
3m 3s
Using the Plant 3D Properties dialog box
3m 46s
Using on-screen tools
3m 17s

2. Working with Plant 3D Files
2019 release bug
1m 20s
Creating a new Plant 3D model
2m 40s
Importing an existing Plant 3D file to the project
1m 55s
Renaming drawing files
2m 42s
Locating missing drawing files
2m 21s
Updating drawing information using the Drawing Properties dialog box
2m 48s

3. Structural Steel
Structural steel overview
3m 42s
Creating a structural grid
3m 41s
Placing structural beams
6m 52s
Editing structural beams
6m 52s
Placing ladders
3m 5s
Placing railings
2m 35s
Placing plate and grating
3m 4s
Placing footings
1m 18s

4. Equipment
Equipment overview
2m 31s
Creating equipment
4m 50s
Adding equipment trim
3m 8s
Adding and modifying nozzles
6m 9s
Adding AutoCAD elements to equipment
2m 27s
Equipment templates
3m 38s
Converting existing AutoCAD equipment to Plant 3D equipment
4m 38s

5. Piping
Piping overview
6m 25s
Basic pipe routing
7m 59s
Route pipe from equipment
8m 51s
Adding branches
8m 9s
Adding valves
12m 35s
Adding instrumentation
3m 46s
Pipe supports
5m 21s
Sloped piping
2m 59s
Line to Pipe command
Insulated piping
3m 42s

6. Modify and Reuse Piping
Moving and copying data overview
8m 45s
Hiding and isolating parts
2m 35s
Assign new line numbers
5m 45s
Connecting to xrefs
4m 31s
Custom Parts Builder
6m 46s

7. Data Manager
Data Manager overview
5m 1s
Modifying tag data
3m 34s
Using Data Manager filters
2m 48s
Locating components using Data Manager
3m 5s
Importing and exporting project data to Excel spreadsheets
5m 43s

8. P&ID
P&ID overview
3m 48s
Adding piping from P&ID line list
3m 38s
Adding valves and line components
3m 39s
Validating your P&ID and piping model
5m 9s

9. Orthographic Drawings
Orthographic overview
2m 36s
Creating an orthographic drawing
4m 8s
Creating, saving, and modifying views
3m 33s
Create adjacent views
5m 21s
Adding annotations and dimensions
7m 26s
Bill of Materials
5m 27s
Revisions and document control
9m 18s

10. Isometric Drawings
Isometric overview
5m 26s
Touring the interface
4m 18s
Creating quick isometrics
9m 4s
Creating production isometrics
7m 7s
Adding messages and annotations
9m 18s
Reference dimensions
5m 36s
Start points and break points
8m 37s
Lock and issue a line
5m 11s
PCF to isometric
2m 59s

11. Project Tools
Validation settings
5m 35s
Validating your drawing or project
8m 25s
Auditing and maintaining your project database
2m 12s
Exporting to AutoCAD
4m 6s

12. Report Creator
Report Creator overview
7m 45s

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