AutoCAD Plant 3D Essential Training: Specs & Catalogs

26 Video Lessons

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About this Course

How do specifications and catalogs work together, and how can you streamline your piping model designs? This course covers how to use AutoCAD Plant 3D to create a new spec and build contents by leveraging catalog components.

Expert takes you through how to use features in the Plant 3D application, and also how to edit spec elements outside of the application in Excel. Expert demonstrates how to create specs and use catalogs, then shows you how to modify and add to each, also shows you how to work with branch tables and how to ensure branch connections are compliant with a project.




Learning about plant specifications and catalogs
What you should know
How to use the exercise files
1m 26s

1. Getting Started
Specs and catalogs overview
2m 53s
Opening specs and catalogs
1m 30s
Locating the specs and catalogs within the project folders
3m 32s
Touring the interface
4m 33s

2. Specifications
Spec Editor overview
5m 34s
Create a new spec
2m 16s
Using common filters
4m 52s
Adding components to a spec
5m 49s
Edit parts
5m 35s
Property overrides
4m 20s
Using Part Use Priority
4m 42s
Editing your specs in Excel
5m 44s

3. Catalogs
Catalog overview
5m 27s
Using part filters
4m 17s
Modifying parts
4m 52s
Creating a duplicate component
5m 49s
Adding new parts to a catalog
5m 33s
Editing part sizes
4m 20s
Test the new components in a model
5m 36s

4. Branch Tables
Branch connections
2m 56s
Setting up the branch table
4m 50s
Modifying the branch table
2m 33s
Testing the branch table
5m 8s

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