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About this Course

Are you interested in learning how to oversee and maintain project files in AutoCAD Plant 3D? If so, this course can help by covering the basics of how to set up, customize, and maintain projects in Plant 3D.

Expert demonstrates how to create new projects using out-of-the-box settings and templates, and expert reviews essential project settings, also explains how to create custom project and drawing properties, customize the data manager, import existing models into your project, customize your drawings, use the Report Creator tool to run engineering reports, and more.




Become a well-informed project administrator in AutoCAD Plant 3D
What you should know
How to use the exercise files

1. Get Started
Project Manager overview
2m 37s
Explore the Project Setup interface
5m 53s
Understand class definitions
5m 49s
Understand dynamic tool palettes
3m 12s
Understand ProjSymbolStyle.dwg
3m 9s
Understand project properties and drawing properties
Use the AutoCAD Properties dialog box
2m 25s
Use onscreen tools
2m 2s

2. Create New Projects
Create a new out-of-the-box project
2m 40s
Create a new project from a template
3m 15s

3. Set Up Your Project
Understand project configuration
5m 28s
Set up project paths
4m 36s
Use project templates
7m 32s
Edit your project properties
2m 22s
Equipment templates
6m 41s
Lock project properties
2m 31s

4. Manage Plant 3D Files
Plant 3D 2019 bug
1m 22s
Add folders to the Project Manager
4m 17s
Rename your drawing files
2m 43s
Locate missing drawing files
3m 33s
Organize DWG files in Windows Explorer
10m 43s
Update drawing information
4m 32s

5. Custom Properties
Create a custom project property
3m 26s
Create a custom drawing property
3m 38s
Add a custom field to your title block
5m 25s

6. Customize the Data Manager
Generate default project reports
3m 25s
Modify default project reports
3m 51s
Create a custom project report
3m 21s
Configure import and export settings
3m 32s
Create custom data manager views
3m 26s

7. Copy Projects and Existing Data
Create a duplicate project
4m 6s
Import existing models to your project
2m 59s

8. Multi-User Project Configuration
Set up a network-based project
7m 40s
Map drawing folders to network locations
4m 40s
Configure the file name format
5m 24s

9. Create Class Properties
Review the class heirarchy
8m 13s
Add a new property to your class
5m 47s
Understand selection lists
5m 59s
Understand acquired values
2m 49s
Use acquired values in equipment tag
6m 38s

10. Customize Your Drawings
Understand drawing templates
4m 23s
Set up your 3D model template
6m 17s
Set up your ortho template
3m 43s
Create a custom equipment tag format
7m 41s
Create a custom valve tag format
5m 45s
Annotation overview
4m 17s
Create a custom equipment annotation
6m 11s
Modify the ortho line number annotation
4m 48s

11. Isometric Drawings
Tour the interface
2m 59s
Iso styles overview
Create a custom iso style
4m 33s
Iso style default settings
6m 34s
Isometric annotation styles
4m 32s
Isometric dimension styles
3m 23s
Isometric themes
4m 30s
Sloped piping
5m 13s
Create a custom isometric template
6m 28s
Create a custom isometric setup
5m 14s
Customize the bill of materials
5m 14s
Run your iso
5m 16s
Live preview

12. Project Tools
Validate your drawing or project
5m 52s
Audit and back up your project database
1m 57s
Export to AutoCAD
3m 45s

13. Report Creator
Explore the user interface
3m 30s
Generate default reports
5m 44s
Understand report configuration files
5m 45s
Create a custom report
6m 11s
Edit your report layout
7m 42s

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