Fusion 360: Design and Animate a Parametric Standing Desk

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About this Course

Fusion 360: Design a Parametric Standing Desk

Fusion 360 is a unique CAD and CAM package for product design. In this course, expert showcases the unique abilities of Fusion 360 to design a piece of furniture and teaches how to create parametric designs that can be driven with dimensions and constraints. Expert first shows how to fully define sketches as the building block for parametric design, then covers how to assemble parts in their correct position with the use of joints. Along the way, expert goes over best practices and additional considerations you need to make when designing. By the end of the course, you’ll have the knowledge to set up models that can adapt to changes in requirements or user needs.


Fusion 360: Animate a Parametric Standing Desk
Fusion 360 is a unique CAD package for product design. In this course, which is a companion to Fusion 360: Design a Parametric Standing Desk, expert teaches you how to animate parts and assemblies to communicate design functionality and assembly operations to project stakeholders. Beginning with the completed design from the previous course, expert shares practical skills that apply to creating product animations and exploded views. Expert shows how to leverage the animation workspace in Fusion 360 to evaluate and communicate design functionality, and to illustrate assemblies.




Fusion 360 for parametric design
What you should know

1. Sketching and Solid Modeling
Understanding the design requirements
Sketching the first side panel, part 1
5m 36s
Sketching the first side panel, part 2
3m 4s
Extruding and filleting the side panel
5m 29s
Designing the keyboard tray slots
3m 42s
Creating slots for the support bars
2m 57s
Mirroring the side panel
3m 30s
Designing the support bar
3m 26s
Using joints to position the support
4m 6s
Subtracting the excess material
1m 47s
Copying the second support bar
1m 55s
Designing the front laptop support
2m 9s
Adding the joints to the support
2m 1s
Designing the table tray
Positioning the table tray with joints
3m 37s

Animating 3D models in Fusion 360
What you should know

2. Preparing Designs for the Animation Workspace
Preparing models for animations
2m 20s

3. Setting up Animations in Fusion 360
Entering and navigating the Animation workspace
3m 57s
Creating the first storyboard
3m 12s

4. Creating Product Animations in Fusion 360
Auto exploding Fusion 360 designs
8m 23s
Manually exploding Fusion 360 designs
3m 54s
Creating a product assembly: Part 1
5m 43s
Creating a product assembly: Part 2
4m 29s
Creating a product assembly: Part 3
5m 50s
Finishing the product assembly with callouts
4m 15s
Publishing the animation video
4m 48s
Sharing the animation video
1m 47s

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