Fusion 360: Product Rendering Techniques

22 Video Lessons

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About this Course

Autodesk Fusion 360 is a powerful modeling tool for product designers.

This course shows how to render your models for presentations, use in packaging design, or for immersive viewing.

Discover how to model liquids, text, and labels; insert a reference image; insert decals; and set up a rendering scene. From there, learn how to render your models locally and using cloud resources




Using the exercise files
2m 34s

1. Modeling Stage
Inserting a reference image
3m 17s
Tracing the bottle
7m 58s
Revolving a sketch
4m 14s
Modeling the liquid
4m 43s
Creating the text
5m 6s
Embossing the text
6m 35s
Modeling the metal cap
10m 24s
Creating labels
8m 45s

2. Pre-Render Stage
Inserting decals
3m 24s
Applying appearance
6m 11s

3. Bubbly Scene
Populating spheres
5m 9s
Working with scene settings
6m 4s
Local rendering
4m 40s

4. Spotlight Scene
Importing 3D files
3m 29s
Appearance application and cloud render
4m 49s

5. Outdoor Scene
Building the backdrop
3m 32s
Setting the scene
5m 1s

6. Render Options
Named views and Rendering Gallery
6m 38s
Conducting the motion study
6m 10s
Rendering the motion study
2m 23s

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