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63 Video Lessons

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About this Course

Navisworks spans the design and the construction worlds. This course was designed for residents of both: construction personnel, architects, and engineers who are looking to integrate design with the as-built world.

Expert shows how to use Navisworks Manage and Navisworks Simulate to gain control and get a holistic view of your projects. Expert shows how to manage models, clash the models for interference, and virtually construct a building using a construction timeline, also shows how to create material takeoffs and conduct interactive walk-throughs.

On the surface, Navisworks might look like just a file viewer, but with this course, you can learn things about its analysis and simulation tools that would be either impossible or impossibly expensive any other way.




An introduction to Navisworks
1m 6s

1. The Navisworks File System
The three Navisworks versions
1m 28s
Navisworks file types
2m 4s
Opening files directly
3m 47s
Working with Revit directly
3m 13s
Exporting from Revit to Navisworks
5m 30s
Appending and merging models
2m 32s

2. Navigating in a Model
Looking at the navigation bar
3m 20s
Walking through your model
5m 4s
Rotating your model with the Orbit tool
3m 40s
Looking around your model
3m 3s
Using the Gravity tool
3m 1s
6m 15s

3. Working with Viewpoints
Saving a viewpoint
4m 3s
Choosing render styles
3m 3s
Changing the background
2m 45s
Slicing your model using sectioning
2m 33s
Getting rid of lines and text
3m 4s

4. The Review Tab
Getting measurements
5m 12s
Finding the shortest distance between objects
2m 32s
Creating redlines
4m 27s

5. Dealing with Objects
Selecting objects
5m 39s
Overriding color, transparency, and a transform
2m 50s
Hiding and turning on objects
2m 53s
Moving items
2m 18s
Rotating items
2m 17s
Scaling items
2m 44s
Adding links
3m 51s
Viewing properties and adding fields
3m 26s
Switching back to Revit
2m 27s
Holding objects
2m 21s

6. Sorting and Grouping
The Selection Tree
4m 47s
Finding items
3m 23s
Saving selections as a set
4m 13s
Using the Quick Find tool
2m 8s
Using the Selection Inspector
1m 58s

7. Clash Detection
Creating a clash test and setting rules
4m 1s
Selecting objects to clash and adding clearances
Analyzing the clash test results
3m 7s
Resolving and reducing clashes
4m 10s
Grouping and assigning clashes
2m 54s
Creating reports: Viewpoints
2m 12s
Creating reports: HTML

8. The TimeLiner
Configuring appearances
3m 16s
Creating tasks
2m 27s
Adding selection sets to a task
2m 20s
Adding multiple tasks and running the movie
8m 10s
Simulating settings
1m 38s
Exporting the TimeLiner
1m 46s
Adding a data source
3m 6s
Creating a simulation for the TimeLiner
4m 56s

9. Quantification
Setting up your workbook
2m 27s
Dragging items to the workbook
2m 30s
Taking off the entire model
2m 30s
Exporting the takeoff

10. Presenting, Animating, and Exporting
Animating saved viewpoints
4m 44s
Animating objects
3m 37s
Creating a script
3m 23s

11. Rendering
Adding lights
4m 44s
Adding materials
2m 31s
Adjusting the sun
3m 4s
3m 52s
Appearance Profiler
4m 7s

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