Navisworks Advanced

35 Video Lessons

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About this Course

Navisworks the powerful project review software from Autodesk is used to manage risk by helping you detect construction issues in a virtual model and, in turn, avoid costly on-site delays.

In this advanced course, enhance your Navisworks skillset by discovering how to best leverage some of the software's most exciting features.

Expert explains how to navigate the user interface and create Navisworks files. Expert covers search sets discussing how to create and reuse them as well as how to explore different end goals, such as creating animations.

To wrap up the course, expert takes a deep dive into working with the Clash Detective tool, which you can use to identify and report clashes in your model.




What to know
Exercise files
1m 33s

1. Introduction to Navisworks Manage
Why Navisworks: What is in it for you?
10m 52s

2. Options: Setting Up for a Project
Navisworks user interface
9m 45s
Navisworks options and settings
6m 28s
Validate content
6m 54s
1m 54s
3. Creating Navisworks Files
Push Revit to Navisworks NWC file
7m 44s
Pull Revit to Navisworks NWC file
4m 57s
AutoCAD DWG to Navisworks NWC file
2m 8s
Pull Revit to Navisworks from a 3D view
4m 36s
The role of Revit view templates
3m 5s
Grid plan view
5m 24s

4. Search Sets
Create and reuse search sets
7m 18s
Search sets for rendering materials
7m 5s
Apply search sets for TimeLiner
8m 22s
Search sets for Appearance Profiler
7m 12s
A viewpoint animation
5m 58s
Scene animation using search sets
9m 26s
Creating script on a trigger
3m 30s
Export a viewpoint animation
2m 42s
Export a render animation
4m 22s
Subsets for quantification
6m 45s

5. Clash Detective
Use grid plan views
3m 51s
Append and create a clash view
3m 59s
Create clash views with box section
3m 30s
Reuse clash tests and search sets
2m 16s
Create clash test: Hard
6m 58s
Group results
5m 43s
7m 4s
Reuse of clash test
10m 27s
Updating the clash test
3m 2s
3m 58s
Visualizing clashes
11m 39s

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