InDesign 2021 Quick Start

26 Video Lessons

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About this Course

Get started with Adobe InDesign over your lunch break. In this short introductory course, instructor covers the bare basics of how to use InDesign.

Expert shows you how to create and set up a new document. Expert covers setting up and saving document presets, and explores how to use Master Pages to quickly insert repeating content. Kladi discusses how to create, name, arrange, and lock Layers, and walks you through how to use Adobe Color Themes and how to set up multiple-grids layouts, and demonstrates how to import text and images, then shows how to create graphic frames and place your images in them. Kladi steps you through using Share for Review and the new Locate Color workspace.

Expert covers how to export your files for print or online publication, as well as how to set up an interactive PDF with hyperlinks and interactive buttons, and concludes by teaching you how to preview and test any interactive elements directly in InDesign.




InDesign: Discover the fundamental tools


1. Document Setup
Set a new document

Create a preset

Save a file to your machine


2. Layout
Create master pages

Organize content with Layers

Add a background and a color theme

Use guides to create a grid


3. Import and Manage Content
Import text in a document

Import images in a CC Library

Use the Graphic Frame tool

Create paragraph styles

Create character styles

Add a new page and style it


4. New Features
Speed up the review and edit process

Quickly locate and change a color

Warp text around an image subject


5. Export Files
Export a PDF for print

Export your file as a JPEG

Publish your file online


6. Interactive PDF
Create a digital document

Customize the workspace

Add hyperlinks to your file

Create interactive buttons

Place a video in a document

Preview interactivity before exporting

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