InDesign CC: Designing a Magazine Layout

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About this Course

Building a great magazine layout can be a time-consuming and difficult process.

In this course, graphic designer shares effective design techniques that can help you create dynamic magazine layouts using Adobe InDesign CC. From setting up a document to working with images and typography, expert takes you through the whole process of designing a magazine spread—from concept to completion.

Learn how to tidy up and finesse the layout of your document, prepare your final document for print, and more.







1. Document Essentials
Setting up the document

Margins and grids

Layers and master pages

Thumbnails and wireframe


2. Laying Out the Article
Placing low-resolution images

Placing dummy text

Creating and applying paragraph styles

Tidying up

Inserting high-resolution images

Replacing dummy text


3. Finessing the Layout
Addressing captions, cropping, and image sizing

Text composition

Designing the drop cap

Designing the sidebar

Copyfitting text


4. Preparing for Print
Preflighting and exporting to PDF

Packaging and archiving the project

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